How not to add features.

At work I have recently got a new machine and it came with XP (it does have a Vista sticker on it so must be relatively recent).  This is where I encountered one of the annoying new features of XP: Search is broken.  When you search for a file only known file types are searched.  So the data files that I receive from an automated feed that are identified by a sequential file extension are silently ignored.

According to the following KB article this is a feature not a bug.
The claim is that by limiting searches to known file types the searches will be faster.
Faster yes, but also pointless as the files that I am actually searching for are ignored.
This should have been controlled by a simple registry setting with the default being the existing windows 2000 behaviour.

It appears that the drone that designed, coded and tested this has never actually worked outside of a software house.
Big hint: the real world has far more file types than those known by microsoft!

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