Improved wpf demo

Here is an improved version of the wpf demo.  The older posts build script still applies.

I need to attribute this site for giving me hints to go in the right direction.

import System

import System.Windows

import System.Windows.Controls

import System.Windows.Navigation


class Exer1(NavigationWindow):

            para as TextBlock

            button as Button


            def constructor():

                        para = TextBlock(Text:”Hello World!!!”, FontSize:36)

                        para.VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Center

                        para.HorizontalAlignment =HorizontalAlignment.Center  

                        # create a button


                        button = Button(Content:”Click Me”, Height:30, Width:100)

                        # display the textblock when the button is clicked

                        button.Click += NavButtonClick

                        # display the button first



            protected def NavButtonClick(sender as object, e as RoutedEventArgs):





def Main():

            app = Application()        



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