Boo build system

Here is a build system that is pure Boo.

It was called BooBS and may be transitioning to Bake.

This reminds me of a build tool that I built once in Python.
It would do the packaging and deployment details but left the compilation to want (the delphi port of nant).
There are big advantages of having the build tool in a scripting language.  This makes fixes much easier and quicker – which you really need if you are trying to get an emergency build out.

Having an automated build tool seriously improves the quality of a build – it reduces the bar on releases so you don’t need a hideous checklist.  I found the need for it when I forgot to release half of the dll’s for a project once.

These days I would recommend creating an automated installer as part of the build.  This seriously reduces the mistakes that the instalation engineer makes.

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