Boo Podcast Client

# (C) Chris Eyre 2007

# This is released under the BSD licence.

# This is the start of a podcast download script.
# I have been unable to find a suitable podcast client to replace iPodder under Ubuntu 7.4
# so there was a need to write one.
# Required features:
# Download a podcast to a defined directory.
# Easy reload.
# No excessive configuration.
# Todo:
# Scheduler
# UI
# bitorrent support.
# Currently it is portable between Mono and .Net

import System.IO
import System.Net
import System.Xml

# This reads a file structured:
# podcastlist
# podcast
# name
# url
# output
def ProcessFeeds(target as string):
x = XmlDocument();
for xnode as XmlNode in x.FirstChild.ChildNodes:
url = xnode.SelectSingleNode(“url”).InnerText
name = xnode.SelectSingleNode(“output”).InnerText
ProcessFeed( url, name)

#Decodes the RSS feed.
def ProcessFeed(uri as string, output as string):
w = WebClient()
x = XmlDocument()
xnode = x.SelectSingleNode(“//channel”)
for itemnode as XmlNode in xnode.ChildNodes:
if itemnode.Name == “item”:
url = itemnode.SelectSingleNode(“enclosure/@url”).InnerText
GetPodcast(url, output)

// Grabs the podcast if not already got.
// If the downloaded file is corrupt then delete it and it will be replaced on the next run.
def GetPodcast(podcast as string, output as string):
filename = output + “/” + NameFromUrl(podcast)
if not File.Exists(filename):
WebClient().DownloadFile(FixUrl(podcast), filename)

# another hack for .NetRocks
def FixUrl(url as string) as string:
if Path.GetExtension(url) == “.torrent”:
return Path.ChangeExtension(url,null)
return url

def NameFromUrl(url as string) as string:
#HACK: This may work for dotnet rocks, but I am still working on a torrent client
if Path.GetExtension(url) == “.torrent”:
return Path.ChangeExtension(Path.GetFileName(url),null)
return Path.GetFileName(url)


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