Setup Project Tutorial

This is a simple step-by-step tutorial for creating a Setup project for a windows forms application under Visual Studio 2005.

First select the solution in the Solution  Explorer.

Right click and Select Add…New Project.

Select Other Project Types | Setup and Deployment | Setup Project.

Name the project Setup. 

Select the Setup Project in the solution explorer.

Select Properties.

Set the ProductName to whatever you will want to appear in the add remove programs dialog.

Set InstallAllUsers to True. 

Set the Author and Manufacturer to appropriate values.

Return to the solution Explorer. 

Right click on Setup and select View.

Select the Application Folder and go to the property windows.

If you don’t want to include the manufacturer in the install directory remove [Manufacturer] from the DefaultLocation. 

Return to the Solution Explorer and select the Setup Project.

Right Click and select Add…| Project Output

Save All.

Return to the Solution Explorer and Select Build.

This will create a setup.exe and a setup.msi file. 

This is the minimal installation required. 

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