Exploring Visual Studio 2005

Visual Studio is a combine harvester of an IDE. It performs so mant functions that it is easy to get lost. 

I started sting to write an extension to VS.NET to allow me to use the command-line from within VS. I was trying to use the VSIP to add a managed window.  Partway through the listed steps it asked me to look at the View | Other Windows menu. I could not find the window that I had defined but  I did  find  the follwing:

  • Call Browser
  • Command Window
  • Object Test Bench 

 The call browser could be worth future investigation.

Object Test Bench allows objects to be created from the IDE.  This could be great for ad-hoc testing. (Although I typically used the TestDriven.NET which allows the test this method or test with debugger).

The Command Window looks much more useful. It contains a wonderful set of commands and is user-extensible. I can see this becoming really useful.

 Here is the list of available commands.

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