Investigation of CSLA 2

I am investigating the use of CSLA 2.

How complex is this to use out of the box and can it be combined with the Castle Project?

So far I have downloaded the source from. The source supplied builds as is.

I only have the CSLA 1 book and am trying to see if I can get CSLA 2 to work using just that.

First step is to use VS.NET to create a database and add some tables.

VS 2005 Rant 

The VS.NET IDE allows the creation of a database and adding tables.

It will refuse to rename rows and can only change datatypes according to the underlying db rules (why can’t it remove and reinsert a column?)

 I am now entering the stored procedures for the Product Tracker application.

They seem to be very simplistic with no error handling or auditing (but this is a demo application).

The joins are not very explict sometimes being of the form SELECT A, B FROM FOO, BAR WHERE …

I can see why Kathleen Dollard decided to use this as a basis for her code generation tools.

These are intrisically generatable stored procedures – compare to those that I have been used to with integrated error handling anf auditing. 

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