VB.NET not so painful

I have recently taken over the maintenence of a VB.NET project.
I don’t have to to rewrite it in C# (as I would like).
It was not as painful as I had expected.

The VS.NET IDE varies depending upon the language that you are using.
The VB.NET version makes it harder to find event handlers associated with an object.
It’s automatic reformating is painful – it tries too hard.
In addition there is a major flaw with the editor assingning line breaks – if you declare a private variable starting with an underscore then the line under the section break obscures the underscore
leaving you with apparently a diffferently named variable.

The automatic complilation can be useful – it does not work automatically when you only change the scope of a variable.

All-in-all it is not an unplesant language to use (which is different from the old VB) but I would not choose to use it for a new project.

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