Oracle – Where is the up side?

I am in the process of porting a large SQL Server project to Oracle.
The product needs to support both products going forward.

The more I look at Oracle the less impressive it seems. Hopefully I will find some pleasant features.
The problem is that I need to stay portable.

The big benefit is the lack of lock-in to the windows platform.
This does mean that we can’t guarentee to always have the same version that the customer is using.

Downsides include:

SQL/PLus – this is the best tool that you get out of the box. It may be guarenteed platform portable but it belongs in the 1980’s. You really need TOAD or PL/SQL Developer.

SQL/PLus error handling is painful at best. I am trying to create a 200 table database from a translated script. Some of the tables are not there and it is painful to find what is wrong with the script.

Lack of domains. You can’t specifiy aliases for primative types such as STD_REFERENCE VARCHAR(20)

You can’t return recordsets from stored procedures.

It is a resource hog. It has seriously slowed down my addmitedly old development machine to a crawl.


Lack of the poorly implemented COLLATION issue in SQL Server.

The majoirity of my script conversion is being done using sed.
Hopefully I should be able to perform 90% of the store dprocedure translations with this tool.

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