Bluetooth and Palm.

I am somewhat of a fan of the Palm handheld devices.
They have the advantage over other systems of just working with one button resyncs.
I like the way that if a unit dies (I am now on my fourth Palm in 6 years – one of which was broken by being dropped onto a hard surface) you can just resync a new one and it installs all of your core data and most of the applications. I have lost a few minor apps due to the large jump I made recently (moving from a Palm IIIc to a T5).

Currently I am trying to get my T5 to join my LAN using bluetooth. The default settings insist on internet connection sharing which assumes that the modem is on the connecting machine and that does not play well with my router setup.

Here is link to an app that will allow the bluetooth virtual comport (COM3) to be used to connect to the LAN. I am aiming to have a small website on my home pc that can act as a gateway for the apps that I need to access remotely.

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