Cheap means of eliminating VB.NET

This company: elegancetech has a utility called C Sharpener for Visual Basic.
$99 dollars for a single user licence looks to be very good value.

This would be great for C# shops that have to take over maintenence of VB.NET code.

While it is great that .NET allows cross language work life is much easier if a shop sticks to one language. It would be a different matter if the two langauges were different in their expressiveness (say a functional language versus an OO one) but having two similar languages adds nothing to the mix.

I have nothing against VB.NET itself (Visual Fred), as it has finally gained the language features (inheritance, sane error handling) that Delphi has had since version 1 (10 years ago). The problem is the 3 million claimed VB (VBA) programmers. While the top few percent of those are likely to be decent devlopers the vast majority have the programming experience of  record macro then (possibly) edit. This leads to unmaintainable code. I have worked alongside professional VB developers whose idea of code reuse within a project consisted of cut-and-paste at best and the creation of reusable routines was a novelty.

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