More usability issues

The .NET TextBox class when set to multi-line is a very weak control compared to Delphi’s rich TMemo control. TMemo exposes a Lines property to which a line of text can be simply added r individual lines manipulated. I need to look at the TStringList for C# to see if I can use it to create a fully featured TMemo for .NET.

            textBox2multiline.Text += System.Environment.NewLine + “This is a test”;

is far more code (and far less obvious) than:
             memo1.lines.Add(‘This is a test’);

In addition when you rename a delphi control if the text property matches the control then the text property changes as well. I wonder if the designer could be extended that far? This makes editing controls much easier – first you rename them and then you customise that into the correct text. This is far more efficient.

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