12 application blocks?

The April edition of vsj magazine (www.vsj.co.uk) claims that there are 12 available blocks available at www.microsoft.com/resources/practices/code.mspx

The first 7 are part of the Enterprise Library:
Enterprise Library

These are the Microsoft Patterns and Practice best practices (I can only find 11 distinct items)

  1. Caching Application Block
  2. Configuration Application Block
  3. Cryptography Application Block
  4. Data Access Application Block
  5. Exception Handling Application Block
  6. Logging & Instrumentation Application Block
  7. Security Application Block
  8. Smart Client Offline Application Block
  9. Updater Application Block V2
  10. User Interface Process Application Block – Version 2.0
  11. Web Service Façade for Legacy Applications

Note that microsoft do not support these so as soon as you take them you own the code.
It would make a great open source project to take these on and centralise extensions to them.

One thought on “12 application blocks?

  1. Yes, you are right! This is weird. It might be something that could have slipped their mind. BTW, Enterprise Library is really cool. It has helped many a programmer to build robust apps really quick. My particular interest is the Caching Application Block. Talk about a performance Boost! I recently came across something really interesting though. Here’s link for everyone’s benefit. http://www.alachisoft.com/ncache/cab_index.html

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