Analysing Contentful Spaces in Graphene hosted in Heroku

I have just updated my contentful-to-neo4j project so that it will by default work on a graphene database hosted in Heroku.

Steps to get this working:

Clone the repo:

git clone

Sign up to heroku, add a credit card, create an empty heroku app.

Add the free graphene db addon (assuming that you have less than 1000 content types).

Install the heroku cli

Open a terminal in the directory that you checked out the repo.

This may require you to login to heroku on the cli.

heroku git:remote -a YOUR_APP_NAME

set the two keys that identify the contentful space:



Once the app has finished restarting:

heroku run loader -a YOUR_APP_NAME

You should now have a full populate graphene database.

You may need to move to a paid tier big enough for your contentful space…

This is surprisingly painless. I only had to add environment variable fallbacks and a Procfile.