Windows Genuine Annoyance

I don’t mind running WGA once to download “free” software.

I do mind if you keep on having to run WGA.  Once I have genuine software how could it change?

It is especially annoying as the checks have now started to fail (despite this being a fully XP licensed machine).

How the BDC Columns actually work

This post explains how the BDC works under the hood.
It does however miss out on fully updating the underlying data – you need to update each BDC field explicitly.

The big flaw with the BDC is that the externally referenced data is cached in the list itself.  The user needs to update the list (which can be time consuming) or the host app must do it for the user.

Sharepoint gotcha

The GetSiteData method on the SPWeb returns all of the columns as datatype string.  This does not appear to be documented anywhere.  It is however the only single method that can query across lists.

CAML is a very weak query language.  You can’t do much in the way of joins.