Asp.Net connection string bug

This is clearly a bug.

I have been using the connection manager class.

If you use an instance db then the database name part of the connection string is of the form:


However if you leave this as this in the web.config this is returned as Server\Instance which is correctly identified as an invalid connection string.

You need to record this as Server\Instance so that it will return the result ServerInstance.

Why should an xml based config tool start escaping data that is entirely valid xml?

Further schema comparison

The following is an extension of the previous post.

This is useful when dealing with sql server 2005 and custom schema’s.

(That is the prefix before database objects, not the structure of the database).

select, schemaName = SS.Name

from sysobjects SO

join sys.schemas SS ON SO.uid = SS.[schema_id]

where type = ‘U’

order by